Frequently Imagined Questions

What is your policy on returns?

Our policies can be found HERE.

    What is your product release schedule?

    One new limited edition and limited quantity product every month.
    Launch day is the 1st of the month.
    Pre-orders begin on the 15th the month before.

      What is the benefit of Pre-ordering a product?

      By pre-ordering you are guaranteeing you will get the shirt. If your size is sold out in pre-orders, there is a chance it won't be available on launch day. Our products are printed in limited quantity, so your best opportunity to get the product is to buy it during pre-orders.

        My size is sold out in pre-orders, what should I do?

        Fill our our contact form and submit a size request. We will be taking these into consideration for restocking on launch day.

          How long will the product be available?

          From pre-order start day until the next product's launch day. We have a min and max number for how many we plan to sell within this time period and will be adjusting stock accordingly. 

            Can I get the product in a different color?

            No. All our products are curated for fabric, color, and design to meet a style and visual presentation that we envision for the product. We will only be producing the product in the one style and colorway.

            Do you only sell T-Shirts?

            No. We will be covering a range of products from T-shirts, active wear, comfort-wear, accessories such as hats and shoes, and more!

              Where do I get those shoes in the photos?

              Those aren't available. We commissioned a 1 of 1 pair themed to our product design. Stay tuned and we may eventually produce versions that are available to purchase.