Frequently Imagined Questions

What is your policy on returns?

Our policies can be found HERE.

    What is your product release schedule?

    Our current schedule is dynamic so stay tuned to announcements on out Instagram for the latest announcements IG: @theartofwardrobes.

      How long will the product be available?

      If the product is limited edition, until it sells out. Otherwise until we decide it is time for a change.

        Can I get the product in a different color?

        No. All our products are curated for fabric, color, and design to meet a style and visual presentation that we envision for the product. We will only be producing the product in the one style and colorway.

        Do you only sell T-Shirts?

        No. We will be covering a range of products from T-shirts, active wear, comfort-wear, accessories such as hats and shoes, and more!

          Where do I get those shoes in the photos?

          Check out our Customs page for information on how to order your own edition!